Welcome to The Couture Doll Bed website. We specialize in custom handmade doll beds for American Girl Dolls, and 16" to 18" dolls, such as Madame Alexander, Gotz, and also other European and vintage dolls for "collectors." Our collection will introduce you to color, style and handmade quality in doll beds with a unique storybook design concept. Each bed is a contrast of a beautifully crafted wooden pine frame with a variety of luxurious bed linen ensembles. Each bed comes with a faux fur comforter and pillow. Please peek inside and experience the charm and elegance of The Couture Doll Bed. All of our wood frame doll beds with linens are hand-crafted with the finest detail.

Note: Dolls shown are American Girl Dolls and Madame Alexander Dolls and are sold separately. The newest ensembles are available in the shop just in time for the Fall and Holiday Season.

The Couture Doll Bed by Bersano & Bersano
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